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Amir Khan Boxer visits Lahore Pakistan for wedding preparations

British Pakistani Amir Khan is a famous Boxer. His wedding is scheduled to take place in May this year. He made a two-day trip to Pakistan to prepare for his wedding.

In Lahore, Amir Khan visited the Data Darbar shrine with his parents, uncle and brother and they laid floral wreath at the shrine. There he prayed for his success and for the success of other Muslims across the world.

Amir Khan got engaged to Pakistani American student Faryal Makhdoom on January 29 2012 and will get married to her this year.

He revealed that his wedding ceremony will place in New York and the ceremony of Walima will take place in London.

The boxer Amir Khan said that his identity is Pakistani wherever he lives in the world. He said that Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi is his friend and he invited him in his wedding.

He also said that he wants to make the Pakistan proud by winning more and more.

Earlier, In 2011 Amir Khan visited Pakistan to participate as a chief guest in the second Benazir Bhutto International Boxing Tournament.

Boxer-Amir-and-Shahid-AfridFurthermore he said that he will support not only Pakistani boxers but also Pakistani players of other games and wants to boost their confidence.

Amir Khan suggested to Pakistani Government to provide facilities to Pakistani boxers as they are much talent to bring titles in Pakistan.

Amir Khan is the youngest British Olympic boxing medallist, as he won  silver at the 2004 Athens Olympics at the age of 17. He is also one of the youngest British world champions ever, who won the  the WBA Light Welterweight title at age 22.

Shehzad Roy – Chal Para on Geo TV OST

Famous Pakistani singer turned to a social activist Shehzad Roy is running Zindagi Trust and campaigning for quality of Education for common Pakistanis. He is on bike tour across Pakistan.

He now wants to explore the Education obstacles and solutions through a TV show with the aim to identify the problems of Government schools and provide solution to change the existing education system.

This TV show will on air on Geo TV from 8th February, titled as Chal Para. Shehzad Roy has also released his music video with the name Chal Para for his TV show.

He wants to assess the problems of Government schools and push the governing bodies to improve the existing educational policies.

“This show will help even a play-man to understand what education is, what is schooling and how a child can be benefited through Education?” Shehzad Roy says
via epaper

Shehzad Roy started his journey to travel across the country, on his bike in three months. Her other crew members are following him in a coaster.

He started his journey from GIlgit Baltistan and travelled through KP and Punjab. He has visited Hunza and some areas of Punjab and analysed that Government schools lack in basic infrastructure of education.

As well as he observed that low cast private schools are worse than Government schools. He observed that the life of students can be changed by providing them quality education.

He suggests that Head of the school should be empowered to bring positive changes in schools and Federal and Provincial Government should pay special attention on Education scenario as it is not much difficult task to bring constructive change in Education system.

76109_10152500580280711_1220837342_nHe explains that according to existing education system, students are not being guided to join their respective field of interest. As well as he realized that the existing education system encourages rote memorization and students become disturbed when they have to face any out of course question.

A common drawback is being observed in Pakistani text books that these text books contain hatred material that is needed to be removed.

There is desperately need that text books should have problem based questions and students should be prepared to solve them using their talent and abilities.

Students should know the rational and meaning behind the concept instead of relying on rote memorization. Only through practical applicability of knowledge students would be able to put their hidden potentials out and excel throughout the world.

Viewers can see Shehzad Roy’s TV show Chal Para every Friday and  Saturday at 7:30 pm on GEO news.

Here is Shehzad Roy’s latest music video Chal Para.

CM Shahbaz Sharif and Javed Chaudhary travelling in Metro Bus in Lahore

Renowned Pakistani anchor Javed Chaudhary of Express News appreciated Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif, for the state of the art Metro Bus System which is very first time started in Pakistan.

CM and Javed Chaudhary first time travelled in the Metro Bus and discussed on various aspects of Metro Bus Service.

Mian Shahbaz Sharif explained that Metro Bus Service would be started on 10th February for passengers. He revealed his plans, he has aim to establish Metro Bus Service in different cities of Pakistan, If PMLN is given a chance at National level, they will introduce Metro Bus System in Karachi first of all.

Automatic E-Ticketing System will work for this service and the ticket price would be in reach of every passenger that would be 10-20 rupees. Currently the Metro Bus System has the capacity of moving 112,500 passengers per day on both sides of the dedicated route.

Passengers would be provided neat and clean, efficient and safe traveling.  On every bus stop there would be facilities of water cooler, tuck shop (having eatable and drink) fans, and bathroom.

The Bus service will start from 6:00 in the morning till 10:00 in the evening, yet it is no decided it would be 10:00 or 11:00.

Javed Chaudhry asked from CM Shehbaz Sharif about the staff of Metro Bus Service and he explained that staff is hired through internship programs. The staff members are qualified people who have selected as internees.

Earlier in a meeting, Khawaja Ahmad Hassaan, the Lahore Transport Company (LTC) chairman, said, the LTC would provide green cards to students in collaboration with the educational institutions. He said senior citizens and special persons will be issued free transport cards.

It is really an efficient initiative for public transport.  This transport system will bring a very positive change in common man’s life.

Naya Pakistan song promo by founding members of Vital Signs

As earlier in a post we have posted that the legends of Pakistani bands Vital Signs, and Junoon along with Junaid Jamshed have gathered in a Karachi studio to release a new single track titled as “Naya Pakistan”.

Click here to see the details of the founding members of Vital Signs, and Junoon bands.

Now the very first song promo/teaser of Naya Pakistan  is available. The promo features the legendary Pakistani bands.
72908_10152466922520497_1064081408_nPhotography by Aania Shan

Viewers can see PTI and Imran Kahn in the promo.

Here is the video of promo of Naya Pakistan.

Vital-Junoon is about to Unleash – Naya Pakistan by zeeshan23011985

Main aur Mere Dost, Pakistan’s first 3D animated series on Geo TV

Geo TV is renowned channel of Pakistan media. GEO TV has now launched Pakistan‘s first 3D animated series titled as “Main aur Mere Dost”.

This series is based on a general societal issue that is desperately needed to be taken under consideration. Geo TV focused on this issue through a cartoon series.

The series, “Main aur Mere Dost” aims to give social awareness towards gender related issues through an exciting story. The story revolving around 4 characters with the names Alia, Hadia, Faiq & Sheraz & their teacher Miss Naila. Alia is a shy and soft spoken talented girl and HADIA is the confident and energetic girl.

This animated series has been created in Pakistan by Pakistan’s first media technology park Creative Village, with a production facility using 3D technology.

The series is commissioned through the Gender Equity Program of the Aurat Foundation and the financial assistance is provided from the American people through USAID.

The purpose of this series is to educate children about gender equity and to advocate against gender-based violence.

This cartoon series is especially designed for children in the age racket of 9 to 12 years. The series  is consisted of seven episodes which is directed by Yahya Ehsan.

20121204_16This will provide a very impressive and valuable message to Pakistani society against gender based violence.

US Deputy Chief of Mission Ambassador Richard Hoagland was the chief guest of the launching ceremony of the series “Main aur Mere Dost.”

On the occasion, US Deputy Chief of Mission Ambassador Richard Hoagland said that the United States believes that investing in women and girls is one of best ways to achieve economic progress, political stability, and greater prosperity for Pakistani women and men.

“That’s why the United States government funds programmes like ‘Main aur mere dost’, an animated public education campaign designed to help Pakistani women and girls lift up their families, communities, and nation.”

The technical editor of this series Mr. Adnan Shakeel and script editor Fahmida Riaz also addressed to the event.

The series “Main aur Mere Dost” has on aired on 27th of January. Viewers can see it every Sunday on 5:30 pm on Geo Entertainment.

Let see how is the viewer’s response about this new idea of awareness.

PTV World English News Channel of Pakistan [BTS Pictures]

Pakistan Television (PTV) took a progressive step with the idea to launch English news channel on PTV.

PTV has launched English language channel, PTV World, on 29th January 2013.

President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari inaugurated the launching ceremony of new channel PTV World. The channel will air news, entertainment programs and current affairs.

It is a very effective initiative to change the perspective of Pakistan towards progress and prosperity.

Here are some pictures to have a look on channel, Behind The Scenes and its team of anchors and technicians.

These images are comprised of PTV World team including Shabnam Riaz, Basit Rehman, Omar Khalid Butt, Asjid and Producer Hamid Sheikh.

ptv-world-pakistans-only-english-news-channel-bts-pictures-4 (1)
Images courtesy of and Omar Khalid Butt.

CM Shahbaz Sharif inaugurates Ujala Programme for students in Punjab

Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif has introduced an incredible scheme for students in Punjab that is ‘Ujala Program’. According to this scheme solar home system kits would be provided to the students.

Currently, Chief Minister has distributed the first solar home system kits among the intelligent and shinning students of Bahawalpur on 29th January 2013.

While addressing, on the inauguration of Ujala Programme Solar Home System kit ceremony,  Mian Shehbaz Sharif said: “This is the light of Merit that you have earned through your talent, hard-work and the tireless efforts of your parents.”
via Mian Shehbaz Sharif official Facebook page


He said that after the students of Punjab province, this scheme will be introduced for other provinces. The detailed dates have not been declared about the inauguration ceremonies of different areas of Punjab.

This scheme is completely based on merit and those students who meet with the required criteria will definitely, be able to get the solar lamp kit.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligible criteria for students to get solar home system kits is following:

  • Students of 2nd Year from Government colleges, who have 60% or above marks in 1st year, are eligible to get this solar system home kit.
  • Same like that, students of 10th class from Government schools, who have 60% or above marks in 9th class, are eligible to get this solar system home kit.
  • The solar system home kits would be provided to the students of Danish schools, Madrassas, Special Schools and vocational training centres, on the basis of merit criteria.

These solar kits are considered to be the quick and perfect solution for the present load shedding problem. These solar kits are completely free and are uninterrupted source of energy.

No doubt these solar kits would provide facility to the students who suffer a lot for load shedding problem. This solar kit will work for continuous 18 hours.

In other words it is also a source of motivation for the students to excel in their academic field.

We will provide you up dates related to Ujala Programme, keep in touch with

Click on the following link to see more details of Ujala Programme solar home lamp kits.

Here is video of speech of the CM at the inaugural ceremony of “Shehbaz Sharif Ujala Program” that is launched on 29th Jan 2013 in Bahawalpur.

Radio Pakistan broadcasted Obituary Programme on Mehnaz Begum

Radio Pakistan has broadcasted “Sur Sangeet-Obituary Programme” to pay tribute to famous Pakistani singer Mehnaz Begum.

This program was aired on 30th January on FM-93 network of Radio Pakistan. The programme was hosted by versatile artist Shujaat Hashmi.

Interviews‚ comments and impressions of several personalities regarding the unforgettable services of Mehnaz Begum in the field of music were also broadcasted in the programme.

Her first recording was broadcasted on Radio Pakistan in 1973. She remained popular throughout   her carrier and gained great fame and recognition in music industry.

Mehnaz Begum was the daughter of renowned sub-continental singer Kajjan Begum. She proved herself in semi-classical‚ folk or pop songs in Urdu‚ Sindhi‚ Punjabi‚ Pashto‚ and Persian.

She sung over 2500 songs for radio‚ TV‚ and films. After Madam Noor Jehan‚ she sang the largest number of songs for the Pakistani film industry.

Her death is a big loss for Pakistan music industry. May she rest in peace.

Here is “Sur Sangeet-Obituary Programme” that is specially arranged for Mehnaz Begum from Radio Pakistan.

Drama serial Kash Aisa Ho on ARY Digital [OST]

‘Kash Aisa Ho’ is a simple story.  The story of the serial revolves around Irfa (Saba Qamar) and Shayan,( Mohib Mirza). Irfa (Saba Qamar) is an orphan who is being brought up by her mother’s sister.

It’s a story of her childhood love with her cousin Shayan,( Mohib Mirza) but her cousin Shayan is in love with Mahjabeen.

Irfa performs the character of being a simple but mature and responsible girl. On the other hand Shayan seems careless in the serial.

The story of this serial depicts the societal aspects that are being practised.

The cast of drama serial ‘Kash Aisa Ho,’ includes Saba Qamar as Irfa, Mohib Mirza as Shayan, Jugun Kazim as Mahjabeen, Shahood Alvi as Bilal, Zainab Qayyum as Zoha, Syeda Yasir Rizvi as Manahil, Tahira Imam as Bilquis, Ali Sikandar as Nasir and others.

The story of the serial is written by Maha Malik.  Produced by A&B Entertainment and directed by Sohail Javed.

Viewers can enjoy this serial every Saturday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital.

Here is OST of the serial that is being sung by famous Pakistani singer Humera Channa.

Kaash Aisa Ho OST | (Complete Song) New Drama… by tmusicchannel

Child vaccination mandatory in Lahore for birth certificate and school admission

In Pakistan, the Punjab Health Department made compulsory the vaccination of measles, polio, hepatitis and TB, for children in Lahore city.

Punjab Health Department has decided that those Parents who do not have proof of having their children vaccinated for polio, measles, hepatitis and TB will not be issued birth certificates and these children will not be allowed to get admission in schools for their studies.

These decisions are being made in a meeting that was chaired by the Lahore DCO Noorul Ameen Mengal. He issued orders in this regard to all union councils in the city Lahore.

It was observed that numerous deaths had happened due to measles, polio, hepatitis and TB.

It is also decided that Schools across the city will also be informed that children without proper vaccinations should not be admitted under any conditions.

The DCO said that an awareness campaign will be launched throughout Punjab in order to guide the people.

On the first step this campaign will be implemented in Lahore and if it remains successful, it will be implemented throughout the province (Punjab).

In Punjab more than 1,000 cases of measles have been detected, particularly in Lahore. Pakistan had 20,000 polio cases in 1994. In 2012 this number has been reduced to just 56 due to strong vaccination efforts.

Punjab Health Special Secretary Babar Hayat Tarar directed the officials of the Health Department to use their capabilities and work hard in order to control the spread of measles, polio and TB as well as he further suggest the officials to improve the Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) for children.

The Health special secretary suggest the health officers to make sure that these decisions are being implemented that are taken in the commissioner’s conference held under the chairmanship of the Punjab chief secretary, to control the spread of measles.

This is really an effective initiative that is taken by City Government of Lahore. Such steps are needed to aware the people about the importance of these vaccinations.

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