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Shahid Nazir One Pound Fish man meets Abrar ul Haq

Pakistan has so much talented people who have proved themselves across the world. Shahid Nazir started to work on a fish stall in Queens Market in Upton Park, London.

His boss asked him to shout to attract the people and Shahid Nazir decided to sing about his product because he hated shouting.

The market stall trader rose to Gangnam-style level fame last year when he adopted the creative way to sell fish. His singing at the fish stall has changed his life. He got more than 3.6 million views on YouTube and signed a record deal with Warner Music.

In an interview Shahid Nazir said now he has aim to release the Punjabi version of his song One Pound Fish. He said he has plan to continue his singing career.

A few days ago he came back Pakistan from UK. He was warmly welcomed by Pakistani people.

He went to famous Pakistani singer Abrar ul Haq’s home to see him.

Abrar ul Haq updated his Facebook status on 4th January. “Shahid One pound fish fame visited me at my residence today. He is a v good person.”

Abrar ul Haq is famous for his excellent work as he is known as the king of Bhangra.

Abrar ul Haq is very talented and popular Pakistani singer. He is also the President of Youth Wing of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. In December 2011 it was reported that Abrar ul Haq had joined the Pakistani political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Abrar ul Haq received several awards for his excellent performance in Pakistan showbiz industry.

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Foggy and cold weather in Pakistan breaks past records [pictures]

Normally the winter season is considered a season of feast and joy in Pakistan. This winter has brought a strange phenomenon in recent weeks. So much fog and cold is in Pakistan from last few weeks.

This time around, the 50-year cold records in the Punjab plains are broken.

On Monday, the Motorway was closed from Islamabad to Kalar Kahar around 07:00pm as thick fog had covered the federal capital and adjoining areas on Monday.

Meanwhile, routine life in Rawalpindi division and some other divisions had stopped because of dense fog and cold wave, hitting road, rail and air traffic badly. The minimum temperature in the city was recorded 0 degree and maximum temperature was 12.

Traffic routes and routine life works have been disturbed because of foggy and cold weather. The authorities closed down Benazir Bhutto International Islamabad Airport (BBIIAP) for the flights and some flights have been delayed.

The dealers of wooden fuel and coals increased the prices of the commodities, taking advantage of the worried situation that is causing immense troubles for the citizens.

Tens of thousands of school, college and university students, office goers, laborers and people belong to other walks of life also facing problems due to fog and bone sizzling cold in the morning.

The business of soup, dry fruits, tea, pakora samosas and coffee got momentum in the city as huge rush of people could be witnessed around the shops. Unfortunately these shopkeepers are offering huge rates to the costumers.

With the severe conditions of weather Pakistanis are facing a big problem because of unavailability of gas for domestic work as well as there is shortage of CNG for transport.

Here are some current pictures of foggy and cold weather of Pakistan.

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Kaptaan movie on Imran Khan theatrical trailer released

Kaptaan is a film based on the life of Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan. The story of the film is written by Faisal Aman Khan and he is also directing the film.

According to Amar Tareen the much-awaited film Kaptaan is scheduled to release nationwide by the end of February. The exact date is not revealed yet now.

Amar Tareen informed The Express Tribune that the team of Kaptaan is working on the remaining 10 per cent of the film, with final shots being taken in Islamabad, Mianwali and Lahore.

“Our intention is to release the film first in the major cinemas of Pakistan and then move on to distribution options on a global level,” said Tareen.
via The Express Tribune

Local channels are keenly interested in distributing the film, because of the unexpected delays in production no commitments have been made yet.

Amar Tareen said that ‘Kaptaan’ is a tribute to a personality which is attractive by his leadership and charm.

He explains that this film is a private project with a minimal budget and it should not be taken as a political project.

Amar Tareen said that the major additions had been made to the cast with the presence of former PTV host Saman Ansari. She is making a comeback to screen after a long time.

317520-Kaptaanphotofile-1325863523-340-640x480She would have a major role in the film and would provide further improvement to the cast. Remaining cast of the film Kaptaan includes  Abdul Mannan Saeeda Imtiaz Naveed Akbar and Usman Aslam.

No doubt, Imran Khan is certainly the most popular national hero of Pakistan. He won the first and only Cricket World Cup for his country in 1992.

Establishment of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Lahore after his mother died are his remarkable efforts.

Recently, he is on a mission to bring a huge change in Pakistan that would be beneficial for Pakistani mass and would be suitable for the prosperity of Pakistan.

He wants to bring this change and equality based system in Pakistan with his political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

The film is all about the struggle of Kaptaan (Imran khan) in doing some of the most unattainable missions. The trailer of Faisal Aman Khan’s long awaited film Kaptaan has been released, but the release date of the movie is still not revealed.

Trailor of the film Kaptaan, based of Imran Khan’s life and his efforts is below.

Javed Sheikh’s son Shehzad Sheikh and Hina Mir wedding pictures

Javed Sheikh is renowned legend in entertainment industry. He is very popular as a director and actor. Javed Sheikh’s first marriage was with Zinat Mangi, a TV/film supporting actress of that era, with whom he has a daughter, Momal and a son Shahzad.

Shahzad Sheikh also has a fair share in the entertainment industry. He studied acting from New York film academy.

Javed Sheikh’s Son Shehzad Sheikh got marry with Hina Mir on 28th December 2012.

Earlier Shahzad Sheikh’s cousin Shehroz Sabzwari and Syra Yousuf wedding ceremony took place. Behroz Shabzwari is the brother in law of Javed Sheikh. Javed Sheikh is the uncle of Shehroz Sabzwari.

Shehroz and Syra performed dance on the Mehndi ceremony of Shehzad sheikh.

Congratulation to the Couples (Shehzad and Hina, Shehroz and Syara) and Best of Wishes.

Here are wedding pictures of Shehzad Sheikh and Hina Mir.

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Indian director Amjad Khan to donate first day film earning to Malala’s school

Malala Yousafzai is very popular among the people for her efforts and hard work for education of girls.  The people around the world honour her for her great work.

Famous Indian director and actor Amjad Khan is interested in making a film on Malala Yousafzai’s character. He is inspired by the young girl and wants to make a film on her efforts for girls’ education in Swat District.

He has now decided to donate the first day collections of his film to Malals’s school located in Swat.

During an Interview, Amjad Khan said that he wanted to make a film over Malala in order to support and show the respect for women like her. Malala was shot by some Taliban extremists back is October 2012.

Malala wants to become the role model for women’s around the world. But sadly, she was shot down by some Taliban extremists back in October 2012 for bringing the light of education in the remote areas of Pakistan.

Now she has recovered and she is being discharged from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on January 04, 2013 in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

17520091.cmsLater everything turned into the favour of Malala, as everyone gets interested and promoted her story.

In an interview Amjad Khan said, that he wants to do something for Malala Yousafzai and women like her by making this film.

He realized making a film on her is a way of showing respect to her and the donation of movie’s first day’s earning is a sort  of help for the Malala’s school which is situated in Swat.

Soosan Feroz first female rapper of Afghanistan

Soosan Feroz is the 23-year-old girl.  She is first female rapper of Afghanistan. Her lyrics are familiar for many of her fellow countrywomen. She raps of rape, that Afghan women have suffered during decades of war in a country gripped by poverty.

Her rap songs are about the suffering of women in her country, the troubles of the war that people have tolerated.

Soosan Feroz says her life is filled with bitterness, memories of war, bombing and a life at refugee camps in neighbouring countries, Iran and Pakistan.

In 1990s, she was taken to Pakistan as a child by her parents and later to Iran to escape from the war and in 2011 she returned home with her family.

She worked as a carpet weaver with her other siblings for a living until she discovered her new talent of rap songs.

She says that her rap songs are about the sufferings of women of her country who have tolerated there and about the murders of the war.

She says that rap songs have become a way for many artists to express daily hardships in their lives. In her first recorded music, she recalls her miseries at Iranian refugee camps.

Millions of Afghans still live in Iran and Pakistan. Pakistan and Iran hosted about seven million refugees after the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

Soosan Feroz was too young to remember the battles of the 1980s between the Russian soldiers and freedom fighters known as mujahedin but her first song is full of war tales.

Every year thousands of Afghans put their lives on the line to reach Europe through dangerous and illegal routes on land and sea.

P12-130107-secAfghan pop star Farid Rastagar has offered to help the young artist to release an album, the first song of which will be released in January.

One of the songs is called “Naqisul Aql” which can be translated as “deficient-in-mind” – a common belief about women among Afghan men.

“In this rap, she sings about the miseries of the women in Afghanistan, about abuses and wrong beliefs that still exist about women.”
via The Express Tribune

Afghan women have made some progress but many still suffer terrible abuse including ‘honour killings.”

Soosan Feroz is daughter of a civil servant and her mother is an illiterate house wife. Her parents allow their daughter to sing and their relatives and other people became their enimies for thieir permission.

Soosan Feroz’s uncles and their families have rejected her, when her first song was released on internet. They accused her of bringing shame on them. Some anonymous callers have threatened to kill her.

Her father, Abdul Ghafaar Feroz, who says he prides himself on being her “personal secretary”.

“I’m not deterred,” Feroz said, her father nodding his head in agreement. “Somebody had to start this, I did and I don’t regret it and I will continue. I want to be the voice of women in my country.”
via The Express Tribune

Juhi Chawla enjoys her pleasant stay in Pakistan

Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla visited Pakistan to meet her relatives and upon her return she says she has had a lovely and memorable trip.

Juhi Chawla, along with her husband Jai Mehta, came to Karachi to attend a family wedding. Juhi Chawla’s family is Pakistani born citizens.  She had come to Pakistan in the year 2000.

She said the actors of both countries would work together to strengthen the film industry. Juhi Chawla also took tours of the markets at Tariq Road and went to see Sea View, Clifton.

She said in Karachi there are two worlds co-existed, a normal city with traffic, bustling markets and malls and quite another on the borders.

She had a short and pleasant stay in Pakistan. She liked being with her cousins and nieces.

Juhi says several people in Pakistan were happy to see her. She got love and care from Pakistani people.

Recently, another famous Bollywood actor Shatrughan Sinha also visited Pakistan to attend wedding ceremony of Aijazul Haq’s son, on 3rd January 2013. He has said that he likes to meet people here and Pakistan is home to him just like India.

The Indian actor, during his stay in Pakistan met with PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif and PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain.

Sana Bucha to host her new show Yaqeen on Dunya news

Famous Pakistani anchor and journalist Sana Bucha will host a new show Yaqeen on Dunya news. Her show will be will be on air from 14th January from Monday to Friday at 8:03 PM. Now a day’s Promo of Sana’s show Yaqeen is on air.

Last year, she resigned from GEO news and has joined Dunya news.  There are also reports that after her airing her new show Yaqeen from Dunya news, she might start writing articles for Dunya News newspaper i.e. Roznama Dunya but still this is not confirmed news.

Earlier she has been writing articles which are being published in newspapers.
Sana Bucha worked as a host with the famous show Lekin. Sana is famous for her stunning voice and her previous program Lakin was the result of her hard work and personality.

Sana Bucha started her career as a production development associate and became the producer for the first English Language Bulletin on GEO News. She frequently hosted the show.

After the English bulletin, Bucha hosted and produced the channel’s first ever English Show News Day.  She hosted and served as the executive director for the current affairs program Crisis Cell before turning to the new program Laikin.

She studied at the Convent of Jesus and Mary and completed her A Levels at The Lyceum School in Karachi. She did her undergraduate in Political Science from Kings College, London.

Viewers can enjoy the show Yaqeen from every Monday to Friday at 8:03 PM on Dunya news.

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The promo of Sana Bucha’s new show Yaqeen can be seen below.

Shoaib and Sania dance performance in Nach Baliye 5 [video]

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and Indian Tennis player Sania Mirza showed fabulous performance on the dance floor in Nach Baliye 5. The couple got married in 2010.

The couple’s performance kept the audience glued to their seats from the time they started twisting on the stage.

The eye-catcher couple of the players, cricketer Shoaib Malik and tennis player Sania Mirza fascinated their fans with their dance performance in the celebrity dance reality show.

The audience were mesmerized with this perfect performance by the sport stars. They danced in perfect co-ordination. Sania looked lovely in a pink outfit while Shoaib was seen with formal suit.

As Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza appeared as special guests and finally they have been seen performing together in the celebrity dance reality show ‘Nach Baliye-5′.

The video of Shoaib and Sania’s dance performance in Nach Baliye-5, is below.

Abrar ul Haq to perform in Coke Studio season 6

Pakistan has so many talented singers who have approved themselves with their performance. Earlier, Pakistani singers Ali Azmat and Ali Zafar made their entry in Coke Studio season 6.

Now here is breaking news, Pakistani music legend and popular singer turned politician Abrar-ul-Haq, reveals he is invited to perform in Coke Studio season 6 as well.

Rock singer turned revolutionary Ali Azmat, Pop singer turned actor Ali Zafar and now king of Bhangra Abrar ul Haq are all going to perform on the biggest music platform of the country.

Abrar ul Haq has mentioned his entry in Cock Studio season 6 in his latest status, update on Facebook.

I have been invited to participate in Coke Studio year 2013 and I am trying to choose any 4 songs preferably from my albums, plz suggest.
via Abrar-ul-Haq Facebook page

He has so many evergreen hits including Preeto, Punjabi touch, Billo de ghar, Bay ja cycle tay, Rang Rang and December. With his best performance he became so popular among the audience and won several awards. He won folk singer award in 2000 from PTV World.

In 2002 and 2003 he won best singer awards from Lux Style award.  In 2004 he won award from PTV Home.

In December 2011 Abrar ul Haq had joined the Pakistani political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. He is also the President of Youth Wing of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

He is the founder and chairman of Sahara for Life Trust, a charitable organisation promoting health and education in remote areas.

He is surely going to add another dimension to Coke Studio’s versatile music. Let see which songs he choose to perform in Season 6 of Coke Studio.