Pakistani shortlisted for mankind’s first one way trip to Mars

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Sixty year old Pakistani, Reginald Foulds is among the 1,000 shortlisted to train for a trip to Mars. There are 200,000 people who applied for the one way trip last year.

Reginald Foulds, is a former pilot.  He served as a helicopter pilot in the Pakistan Air Force before retiring in 1992 in the Pakistan Air Force. He moved to Canada with his wife at the age of 42.

Foulds was born in 1954 in Pakistan and grew up near an air force base. After graduation he got training as a pilot. With his efforts, now he has the honour of a Pakistani shortlisted for trip to Mars.

Pakistani shortlisted for trip to Mars (Picture)

Pakistani shortlisted for trip to Mars

Currently Foulds works in Ontario for the office of emergency management as an Emergency Operations Officer being responsible for responding to any disaster on a bigger scale that may hit the province.

Reginald Foulds is inspired by the exploits of astronaut Chris Hadfield, who is also a fellow Canadian.

Reginald Foulds said on his website

“I, like the Mars-One team, have a vision to leave a legacy for this world to remember for thousands of years to come. I am determined to do something literally out of this world and be one of the first human for the dawn of a new era – human life on Mars.”

Foulds further stated he has the curiousity to explore and has no fears. “I have a will to go beyond the skies to seek and discover. To me there is no such word as impossible or I can’t,” he said.

According to existing technologies, Oxygen levels would start to deplete after two months of humans landing therefore new technologies are required before humans can permanently settle on Mars.

Reginald Foulds is not guaranteed a ticket to Mars yet. Only 24 applicants will be chosen for the final schedule among the shortlisted people.

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    It is impossible to go on moon or anyother planet its just to see this but not able to go there this is imposible