Ali Gul Pir Shor Macha (a cricket world cup song from djuice Pakistan)

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Ali Gul Pir released a new song Shor Macha for cricket world cup 2015 which is sponsored by djuice Pakistan. Although video is quite catchy but the song failed to gain popularity unlike his previous songs.

The video credits includes “Twitter. Scream. Share. Repeat” with #‎ShorMacha‬ and djuice Pakistan’s facebook page link.

ali gul pir shor macha

Ali Gul Pir Shor Macha – Lyrics

Lyrics are funny and written in usual Ali Gul Pir’s style. Main line is “Sarey kaam dur bhaga, cricket laga, shor macha!”

Ali Gul Pir Shor Macha – Credits

Directed by Taimoor Salahuddin. Shot and edited by Hamad Khan. Music by Moroo and Hamad Khan. Production design Zaeem and A.D Dara Channa. Special thanks to all the cast and crew members, specially LOL Wallay comedy troupe.

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Ali Gul Pir Shor Macha – Video