Lahore Traffic Police Introducing E-Ticketing System

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Lahore traffic police is going to introduce e traffic fine system in Lahore Punjab. Your next traffic challaan (fine) will be in a digital format.

The City Traffic Police in Lahore is overseeing an experimental project in this regard right now.

lahore traffic police

With the introduction of this e-traffic fine system the gaudy paper challaans will be a thing of history.  most Pakistanis are facing the issues of bribery and malpractice, this e-traffic fine system aims to control these sort of  cases.

According to an estimate, some 2200 traffic wardens are working day and night to control traffic violations and maintain smooth traffic on the road. These personnel have been facing punishments relating to the use (and misuse) of the fine books.

The electronic issuance of fines will ensure that wardens are vigilant and efficient. It can solve all the issues faced by motorists and law-enforcers.

Now nobody is enable to interfere with the records, which would ease people’s concerns about the system. With this system, everyone would be treated equally and no one would be able to get priority.

With the introduction of this system, there is hope that this digital tamper-proof system of issuing fines will foster in a culture of law-enforcement. People won’t feel that the system is faulty and this can encourage and develop more confidence between the police and the citizens.
lahore traffic police
This system is also very helpful to keep an eye on officers. This system will ensure that officers on the road do their duty right because everything is electronically logged and filed away. The system will give evaluations based on key performance indicators. The system will be helpful to track locations on the roads.

As this system has introduced in Pakistan. In the first phase of this project, about 20 Android smartphones as well as 20 small printing devices will be provided to the CTP by Punjab Information Technology Board.

The system will provide wardens with efficient categorization options such as:

  1. Type of Vehicle
  2. Amount of Fine
  3. Traffic License status of the offender

All this information can then be printed out with the challaan via the small printing devices on site.

This system is offering a best benefit to motorists that they will be able to pay the fine on the spot. They would not have to wait in queues to the nearest branch of National Bank and wait in lines in order to pay the fine.

It will be the officer’s responsibility to deposit the fine tickets and the amount in their respective sectors. Since the system uses a centralized database system, the officer can’t take the challaan as a bribe.

So what you people think? Will this system be able to improve the law enforcement in the country and be able to facilitate the motorists? You can share your ideas via coments.