YouTube sensation Zaid Ali turns down Hollywood offer, refusing to lock lips

- Pakistani

Canadian-born Pakistani, Youtube sensation Zaid Ali T, announced that he turned down a role offered to him in a Hollywood movie.

He is well known for his comical videos which comically pointed out differences between ‘desi’ and ‘white’ people.

On his Facebook page, Youtube sensation Zaid Ali told that he was offered a role in a Hollywood movie but unfortunately, he had to say “no” to the role because there was a kissing scene in the movie.

zaid ali hollywood

” I could never imagine myself doing something like that,”he said.

Zaid Ali Hollywood offer came at a time when the young star has 147,000 Twitter followers.

He received acclamation all over the world by uploading videos which comically pointed out differences between ‘desi’ and ‘white’ people.

zaid ali hollywoodAlmost four years on, the Zaid has over two million likes on his Facebook page and over one hundred videos on his YouTube channel.

The talented star, Zaid Ali said, “Being true to yourself and your morals is one of the best feelings and it shows that you have achieved something in your life. Insh’Allah there’s something better written for me, maybe not. But I am very happy with my decision.”

Zaid Ali’s videos continue to go viral on various social media platforms and the talented star is making us laugh with his amusing videos.