Army Public School students leave on ‘healing trip’ to China

- Pakistani

A group of students and teachers who survived a Taliban massacre at Army Public School left for a trip to China. The aim of this trip is to heal the mental scars of their suffering.

Army Public School students

Heavily-armed militants stormed the Army Public School in Peshawar 0n December, 16, killing 150 people, including 132 children.

Peshawar Army Public School students suffered from Taliban massacre

The massacre horrified the world and left many survivors badly shocked. Now 10 students and two teachers who escaped the deadly attack have been sent on a 10-day trip to China to help them recover.

“The basic aim of the visit is to divert the attention of the survivors,” from the nightmare, a security official told AFP.

Army Public School students
The security official in Peshawar said the parents of children killed in the attack would be sent to on pilgrimage Saudi Arabia in the coming days.

Some more survivors will be sent in coming days to other countries, in order to divert their attention from the deadly attack.