Online hotel and vacation rental platform, Jovago, launches in Pakistan

- Pakistani

Asia Pacific Internet Group has announced the official launch of its hotel-booking platform, Jovago, in Pakistan.

In 2010, Jovago was initially launched in Africa. It quickly grew there, in scale and acceptability. The model will now be replicated in Pakistan.

Jovago, aims to expand the tourism industry in Pakistan. Bforee Jovago there was no single platform for consumers to browse and compare hotels across the country.

People can get access to the hotel-booking platform, Jovago by visiting this website

The website is already in excess of 600 hotels across more than 60 cities with the of several hundred more online very soon.

Jovago has no booking fees as well as customers do not have to confirm their stay with a credit card. Here is flexibility for customers that they can pay at the hotel.

The list of hotels and details are available on the website. People can get the description of the hotel, nearby attractions and the customers’ reviews on the website.

After selecting their hotel and dates of stay, each user will get a confirmation phone call and email informing them of their booking.

Jovago has the plan to expand its platform whereby customers can book flights, hotels and cars.

Its a very effective innovative platform for Pakistan as there is real potential in the tourism industry. There is need to promote Pakistani tourism industry.