Lahore to Get Thousands of CCTV Cameras for Fool Proof Security

- Pakistani

Here is very effective step that is taken in Lahore to provide security to citizens. Lahore is getting equipped with thousands of CCTV cameras at some 1800 places in the city.

This action is being taken to make sure that law-enforcement agencies are able to keep the city under the monitor.

For providing the same security with other cities similar CCTV cameras (in thousands) are also planned for Islamabad and Peshawar. Lahore will be the first city that is getting CCTV cameras to increase security.

In April 2014, the project of deploying CCTV cameras was planned and intended for execution till the end of 2014. Because of various reasons this project got delayed.

Punjab Government has the budget around Rs. 18 billion for the project. Th

No doubt, this is a good initiative from Punjab government.  This is going to be one of the largest CCTV camera network deployed in Pakistan.

Many multi-national companies have already shown their interest for the setup of CCTV camera network in Pakistan.

Government wants to get the CCTV cameras connected through fiber optic that are laid in Lahore.

Some CCTV cameras have already installed in Lahore which are private and individuals’ property but facing public places. These would be included to the network to increase the accessibility.

It cannot be exactly told that how much time this project will take to be completed. This project will be very helpful in detecting crimes and terror attacks as well as it would be very beneficent providing peace in the country.