Nawaz Sharif directs HEC to amend academic curriculum

- Pakistani

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif directed Higher Education Commission (HEC) to make necessary amendments in curriculum from primary to Masters.

He focused to make amendments in subjects including Urdu, English and Pakistan Studies for schools, colleges and universities after consulting and receiving approval from the provincial governments.

According to Prime Minister, the amendments shall include chapters. These amendments should be made aiming at promoting the necessity of constitutional democracy for Pakistan’s progress.

It also aims to understand the merits of the constitutional democratic process and pluralism in an international and national context.

The main focus of these amendments is about constitutional democracy. The purpose of these amendments also includes strengthening the knowledge of students to answer the questions of surrounding constitutional democracy.

It also aims to enhancing thinking about accountability within the constitutional process including judicial mistake, media, freedom of speech, right to information and elections etc.

In order to achieve the desired objectives Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has directed the HEC to coordinate with academics, universities and text book publishers to develop a new curriculum within two months.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said to ensure its adaption by the federal and provincial governments from the next academic year.

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