Book on 100 Famous and Influential People of Pakistan Shows A Soft Image of Pakistan to the World

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From philanthropists, to artists, to politicians, “100 PAKISTANIS: The Famous and Influential” book is a collection of interviews, stories, and biographies of 100 Famous and Influential Pakistanis.

The book is published by Universal Oxford Publications and edited by M. A. Jalandhari  (Founder) & Adam (Co-Founder 100 Pakistanis Project).

While compiling ‘THE 100 PAKISTANIS LIST’, Adam met and interviewed the influential figures of the country including Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (Scientist), Samina Baig (Mountaineer), Atif Aslam (Singer), Ansar Burney (Social Worker), Ali Mooen Nawazish (Educationist) and many others in order to portray their opinions for a better Pakistan along with their brief biography.

The makers of the book set out to ascertain the influence Pakistani individuals have on their community of 180 Million, one of the biggest populations in the world, be it cultural, ideological, financial or political.

The book portrays Pakistanis as one of the brightest nation in the world and aims to reveal a positive image of Pakistan among the global community.

With exclusive interviews, stories and inspirational quotes, the book also acknowledges the achievements and hard work of those who strive to shed positive light on Pakistan.

The book also supports Pakistan as with each purchase, parts of the proceeds are forwarded to a charity foundation.

The book marks a good effort for abolishing negative perceptions of Pakistanis and has gained positive attention on the international level.

Influential and famous figures featured in the book share their proud moment on the social media for being ranked among the top 100 influential people of Pakistan making waves today.

Researched and submitted by Madiha Raza

  • Ayesha Ahad

    Finally a book showing positive side of our country..hats off to d young lad with this bright effort..sad to c other channels only showing dirty politics and negative news of pak 2 d world..hope all pakis bring up sch ideas..