Nephew of ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ star dies in Chicago fire

- Pakistani

A 10-year-old Pakistani boy died of burn injuries suffered during an apartment fire early on Monday at Kimball Avenue in Chicago.

“Both parents of the boy jumped out of the fourth floor to save their lives and are reportedly in critical condition undergoing treatment at a hospital,”
Consul General of Pakistan Faisal Tirmizi told.

The fire started in the apartment at 3 am. The  firefighting and rescue teams reached the site, but at that time the boy had already succumbed to his injuries.

It is also reported that at least 11 other people were injured in the incident.

The deceased was identified as the son of the brother of Captain (r) Abdullah, who starred in local TV drama Alpha Bravo Charlie.

Earlier, the Consul General had mistakenly said that the deceased child was the son of the Alpha Bravo Charlie star.

Alpha Bravo Charlie was an Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) funded drama serial . This serial was aired in the late 90s.

The serial gained great fame and popularity for its depiction of the lifestyle of soldiers belonging to the Pakistan’s armed forces.

Drama serial Alpha Bravo Charlie was a sequel to Sonehre Din.

Captain (retd) Abdullah Mehmood played one of the lead roles in the serial.

His character, Captain Kashif Kirmani, was mainly a source of comic relief in the serial, Alpha Bravo Charlie.