Ayan Qureshi, five years old child becomes youngest ever Microsoft certified professional

- Pakistani

Pakistani-British child, Ayan Qureshi became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world last month. He accomplishing the achievement at the age of five years, 11 months, The Independent reported.

The Coventry based child, Ayan Qureshi gave his exams in Birmingham University last month.

By accomplishing the achievement at such a young age, Ayan Qureshi displaced Mehroz Yawar from the position of being the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).

Mehroz Yawar is also a Pakistani student, who passed the certification exam at an age of six-and-a-half.

Ayan Qureshi, was born in Lahore, but the family, including his mother, a doctor moved to London in 2009. His younger brother was born the UK in 2011. Currently, the family is living in Coventry.

He has been interested in networking right from the start of his computer-literacy days. His father Asim Qureshi is an IT consultant.

As Ayan Qureshi has a keen interest in computer, he built his own home computer lab and likes to spend his leisure time in the lab.
The thing he found to be most fascinating about the computers, was their ability to ping each other and share data.

Later Ayan successfully created a computer network, connecting two PCs, two laptops, one switch and a router.

He said he was thrilled to find that the devices could ping each other, and that data could be transferred from one to another.

Ayan installed and configured Windows 8 and 8.1, partly following training videos, partly listening to his attentive father’s tips.

“He was first curious about how the computer actually works, and what a network was. I answered his questions, and then when he kept saying how interested he was, I explained to him the theory in as simple terms as possible,” Ayan’s father says.
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Ayan Qureshi joins Arfa Karim among a list of a Pakistanis who have attained Microsoft certifications at increasingly young ages.
Arfa  Karim became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, at only nine years old, in 2004.

The talented girl, Arfa Karim was selected as Pakistan’s representative at major international tech conventions and forums. She was invited to meet with Bill Gates.