Ali Noor makes international debut with song ‘Shut the World Out’

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Ali Noor is famous Pakistani legend in of rock music. He is well known with his hits like ‘Manwa Re’, ‘Suno Ke Mein Hoon Jawaan’ and ‘Meray Log’.

Ali Noor acquired much of his fame and recognition as part of the group ‘Noori’, the band. This band is no longer together.

The talented man, Ali Noor, has now collaborated with his Canada-based cousin Zameer Rizvi for his international debut song, ‘Shut The World Out.’

The music video, ‘Shut The World Out is a directorial debut of Ali Noor.

Zameer Rizvi is famous for his controversial songs, such as ‘Mind Over Murder’.

His song, ‘Win or Defeat’, gained worldwide recognition and was licensed as a theme song by the 2010 Paralympic Games.

The song was about social discrimination and injustice against athletes with disabilities.

‘Shut the World Out’ is a soft-rock romantic ballad — a genre both singers have not explored before.

‘Shut The World Out’ is a commendable effort by the duo. That being said, the lyrics are cheesy and generic. While it’s playful and visually appealing, the video is rather devoid of a plot and repetitive.

Nowadays, a number of Pakistani singers have been opting to English and they are doing successfully.

Now It’s also a challenge for listeners to distinguish between the voices of Zameer Rizvi and Ali Noor.

Ali Noor’s voice is unique thats why its not a difficult job. The video of the song highlights them singing individually.

Watch the music video of  Zameer Rizvi and Ali Noor’s ‘Shut the World Out’.

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