Samsung launches Galaxy Note 4 at a Musical Evening in Lahore, Pakistan (Pictures)

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Here is exciting news for Pakistani nation. The latest offering by Samsung, Galaxy Note 4, was launched on Friday night at a flashy evening. The event was organised at Silver Bells, Royal Palm Golf and Country Club by JBnJaws Productions.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an Android pallet Smartphone. It was unveiled during a press conference at IFA Berlin on September 3 and released globally in October. Galaxy Note 4 is the immediate successor to the phone giant’s Galaxy Note 3.

According to Sarfraz Niazi, one of the partners at JBnJaws, they wanted to make the event look like something on the lines as Samsung did in Berlin.

A lot of famous personalities were being invited for the gathering.The renowned guest list for the night includes Ainee Khalid, Junaid Khan from Call the band, filmmaker Bilal Lashari.

Famous designers Maria B and Ali Xeeshan, singer QB, TV personality Juggun Kazim and her husband, actor/model Mikaal Zulfiqar, actor/singer Fawad Khan, event manager Freiha Altaf, as well as top journalists and people from the corporate world.

This glamorous evening was one of the best events around a product launch. The guests learnt about the product at the ‘experience room’ as well as they enjoyed listening to two of the biggest singers in the country.

The entrance area was decorated along a theme following the Samsung colours, blue and white. From there on, a narrow passage led all the guests into a connected hall, called the ‘experience room’ that had counters and people could use the Note 4 there.

Samsung officials and assistants in blue and white outfits were there to help the guests. The ‘experience room’ led to the main huge hall. The blue and white stage look appealing while round tables had been set up there with fascinating oval lamps.

Hosts of the evening Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ayesha Omar welcome everyone. Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ayesha Omar were looking very beautiful in their stunning dresses.

The hosts introduced John Park, Managing Director of Samsung Pakistan, and Fareed Jan, Country Head of Samsung Pakistan and Afghanistan, who gave a little presentation about the product. Following that the hosts welcome Fawad Khan on stage, interacted with him, talked to him about the product, Glaxy Note 4.

The highlight of the evening was performances by the biggest singers of our country, Ali Zafar and Sajjad Ali.

Ali was the first one to come on stage, looking like a rockstar in a gold jacket, black outfit and boots. After performing all his popular hits, including Channo, he invited QB on stage from the audience.

QB, had just returned from the US. She was looking beautiful. The two fabulous singers then sang two huge hit duets, ‘Yaar Dadhi’ and then ‘Akhiyan Nu Rehn Day’.

Dinner was served following their performance after which hosts Hamza and Ayesha Omar stepped down from the stage and interacted with the audience and took selfies with some of them with the newly launched phone, Glaxy Note 4.

Then another famous singer Sajjad Ali came on the stage. He performed all his megahits, including ‘Bolo Bolo’ and ‘Babiya’, at which the crowd went crazy.

He also said he had performed all over the world but never sung in front of such a “sureeli” audience that included the likes of singers Ainee, QB, Fawad Khan, Junaid Khan from Call the band, Ali Zafar and Ayesha Omer.

The launching ceremony of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 attracted a massive audience and became one of the biggest events in Pakistan.

Here are some stunning pictures of the launching ceremony of Samsung Galaxy Note 4.