Robbers loot millions of rupees, 5 kg gold from Abdul Sattar Edhi at his centre in Karachi

- Pakistani

Eight to ten dacoits looted an Edhi centre in Karachi on Sunday, Express Newsreported.

Five kilos of gold and foreign currency worth Rs20 million were also reportedly stolen from the Eidhi centre located in the Mithadar area.

At the time of the robbery, Abdul Sattar Edhi was present at the centre.Philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi was present at the centre and held hostage during the robbery.

Abdul Sattar Edhi said he was woken up from his sleep by the dacoits who walked straight to the cupboard where the money and gold was kept.

“I thought they came to ask me about the Edhi centre but they started asking me about money. I don’t understand how they [dacoits] knew that everything was kept in the cupboard,” he said.
“The money and gold stolen belonged to those who entrusted me with it,” Edhi said.

His son, Faisal Edhi, confirmed that eight to ten men entered the centre and took his father and others present at the centre hostage. The dacoits were at the centre for half an hour.

“The police responded efficiently and has registered a case,” Faisal said, adding that a forensic team would also arrive shortly at the centre to investigate the matter.

It is being reported that police has gathered stament and with the help of witnesses, a record and pictures of the criminal have been found which will lead to his eventual arrest.

A criminal is identified, who has not yet been named. He is from the Gulistan-e-Jauhar area of Karachi and is said to have been involved in several robberies and has previously been jailed.