Ali Haider – Yaad-e-Muhammad S.A.W.S (Naat) – Official Video

- Pakistani

In the respect of Holy month of Ramadan, Ali Haider has recited a Naat. In this Holy month every Muslim tries to practice Islamic obligations.

The beautiful voices of Naat can be heard everywhere.

Our very famous singer Ali Haider can be seen with the praise of the Holy month of Ramdan, Yaad-e-Muhammad S.A.W.S


As well as in the last Ramadan, he recited a Naat Ya Raheem Ya Rehman Ramzan. Click here to listen Ya Raheem Ya Rehman Ramzan by Ali Haider.

Here is official video of Yaad-e-Muhammad S.A.W.S

Ali Haider – Yaad-e-Muhammad S.A.W… by Pakaistani