Gullu Butt gets featured in an Android game

- Pakistani

An Android app developer Pawail Qaisar, developed an Andriod game in which the main character is Shafeeq Gujjar aka Gullu Butt. Game is developed by Pawail’s Lahore-based company Weird Science.

About 10,000 downloads of the game ‘Gullu Butt’ broadcast the appeal of the Gullu Butt phenomenon.


The game is primarily simple. The game shows the fame of Gullu Butt and his performance in Model Town Lahore.

The game ‘Gullu Butt’ was created in days when the Gullu’s action became the hot subject of discussion in the National Assembly and on every television show.

To play the game Gullu Butt users have to smash the windows of a parked car by swiping the stick. The aim is to collect as many pieces of flying glass as possible.

The screen shows rows of policemen in the background and apparently a lion which shows the situational characters associated with Gullu Butt.