Entrepreneurship: Thousands of women marketing home-made products online

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To meet the challenges of unemployment, it is a brilliant idea to sale homemade products online. Pakistani women have to face a lot of problems to search and continue their jobs.

In Pakistan, 6,000 women entrepreneurs in urban and rural areas are now successfully marketing their homemade products online. These women got digital marketing training under the “Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme.”


This program was offered by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), which was started in 2011.

In order to meet the serious challenges to women at enterprise, institutional and government levels in Pakistan, the “Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme” was developed. This programme aims at providing a platform to women and empowering them to bring their hidden potentials out.

This programme is very helpful to enhance production capacities, develop market strategies, identify skills requirement and provide relevant training opportunities to women. Through this programme they would be able to achieve their goals.

Currently, an interactive session was conducted where ten such entrepreneurs got together to share their success stories.

All these women belong to middle-income families. During the session one of the women told that they are now using the internet to expand their home businesses in order to reach out to a wider range of clients.

In the session women told their stories and ideas that they started their businesses.

678541-redcris-1393908184-101-640x480Asma Kamran, a housewife, shared her experience of work. She told initially she did not know how to operate a computer or access the internet.

Now she is useing social media for marketing her homemade food items.
“I used to scramble for keys on the keyboard as I typed or waited for my husband or children to come home to help me access the internet,” she said with a laugh.

She said that she started her business with a small set up in her home under the name of “Mom’s Home Made” to sell homemade foods such as samosas, kebabs and chutneys to her limited clients.
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Now she has earned the name of “master chef” among her friends and family. She told that digital marketing and entrepreneur development courses, helped her a lot to polish her digital marketing skills and she enabled herself to achieve high profits in a short period of time.

The use of better packaging and marketing online has doubled her business. As she used to earn Rs30, 000 a month, but after the training she earns around Rs70,000 a month.

All of them running their own social media pages, Afsheen Imran, runs a mosaic business. She said that the likes on her Facebook page helped her in beating a whole new market.

Women entrepreneurs said that through the initiative, they have even gained access to international markets. They further said Profits of jewellery and textile businesses have gone up 30 to 40 per cent while some businesses have achieved 100 per cent gains.

UNIDO National Programme Coordinator Shahina Waheed explained that some women have also become trainers.

Shazia Nawab from Chitral was one such example. She runs her own marble business alongside four training centres in Chitral.

Some women have problems to get direct access to the market but they are running their businesses in their homes successfully.

This programme would be helpful for paralyzed women as a special curriculum for training polio-affected women has also been developed.

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