Ali Gul Pir And Adil Omar Ft. Talal Qureshi – Kholo BC (Music Video)

- Pakistani

As social media network YouTube is banned in Pakistan.

Famous Pakistani rappers  Ali Gul Pir along with rapper Adil Omar and music producer  Talal Qureshi calling for an end to the block.

They are calling to lift the ban over You Tube, in their new music video.


As Ali Gul Pir is a famous Pakistani rapper and he has caught viewers’ attention through so many songs.

This video and its lyrics also caught the attention of people and soon the video was going viral on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

KholoBC is a part of a youth initiative “Pakistan for All“against the restriction of social media network You Tube in Pakistan.

Ali Gul Pir and Adil Omar are in their mission to make some noise, with the help of Talal Qureshi behind the boards and InCahoots Films’ Aisha Linnea and Shahbaz Shigri behind the camera.

Here is the video of rap song Kholo BC.