Aamina Shekh with Always Karo Yaqeen program

- Pakistani

Always brand has come back with ‘Karo Yaqeen’ program that aims to serve as an inspiration for young Pakistani women to empower them and pursue their dreams and determinations.

This year Always has brought a fantastic initiative by giving a lifetime opportunity to an aspiring, talented Pakistani female designer.


Always had launched a ‘Star Hunt’ on Facebook for aspiring female fashion designers. The contest ran from December 28, 2013 to January 11, 2014.

A young designer was selected via the Always Star Hunt that was launched on Facebook for aspiring female fashion designers. Girls from across Pakistan participated in the contest after which the winner was selected.

For this, Always has joined hands with Pakistan’s premier fashion house Bonanza to provide this young girl the opportunity to work for them and to launch her exclusive designer collection with its brand “Satrangi.”

The name of the brand “Satrangi” is being translated in to seven colours with each colour representing the seven values which the brand believes are found in every woman that includes: dignity, elegance, intelligence, integrity, confidence, strength and passion.

Viewers can see the story of this young girl via one-of-its kind mini-series, featuring the fascinating TV actress Aamina Sheikh. This story will be an inspiration for millions of young girls.

This mini-series of Always Karo Yaqeen will be on air in March on all popular entertainment channels in Pakistan.

Famous Pakistani actress Aamina Sheikh appreciated Always campaign and said,
“I am very excited to be part of this campaign once again. In a country like Pakistan where many women struggle every day to achieve success, Always Karo Yaqeen gives them the hope that anything is possible if they are confident and determined enough.”

“Being a Pakistani woman, I feel it’s imperative to empower other women so they can overcome the challenges of life with confidence.”
via thenews.com.pk