PTCL launches one-year paid internship program 2014

- Pakistani

Pakistanis are facing a big problem of unemployment. So many fresh graduates have to face difficulty to find jobs, even internship.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has a wonderful opportunity for the talented youth of Pakistan as it has decided to launch a one-year paid ‘Internship Programme 2014.’
The program will facilitate these fresh graduates in order to gain the necessary experience required to compete the challenges regarding jobs. It will also develop essential skills and confidence in students.

PTCL President and CEO Walid Irshad said, “The company believed in contributing towards the socio-economic progress of the country through various community development initiatives”.

He further added, “I am confident that such programs will play an important role in capacity building and nourishment of the country’s human capital and future leaders”.
via Express Tribune

In 2012 PTCL began this one-year Paid Internship program comprising of different departments including engineering, finance, marketing, customer care, IT, Human Resource, and others.

According to this program 50 top performers of the first batch were offered an opportunity to work as full-time employees at PTCL, while 100 interns were hired by various organizations upon completion of the one year term.

This year (2014) another batch of 500 interns has been selected after going through the assessment process. According to this program, these successful interns would be paid Rs 15,000 salary per month.

This program has provided a platform to young generation to develop and improve their skills and to take their potential out.