Shahid Khan Afridi to feature as warrior in cartoon film

- Pakistani

Famous Pakistani Cricketer and former captain Shahid Khan Afridi features as main lead cartoon character recommended by local hand wash soap.

A local hand washing soap company (Dettol) has started this cartoon movie to deliver a public service message regarding cleanliness.

The basic purpose of the cartoon is to teach children to be clean and to wash their hands before eating as well as after playing.

The supporting characters of the cartoons are doctors and young people Ali,Sara and Riz who assist Shahid Afridi in fighting the germs. The villain characters include Germandar, Nazloo and Germina.

No doubt it is a very interesting and easiest way to teach children the importance of washing their hands.

Parents should encourage these activities that help to teach the children in an interesting manner. There is dire need to promote these activities in Pakistan.