Arrest warrants issued for Shahid Nazir, One Pound Fish man

- Pakistani

Shahid Nazir became a famous one when his song ‘one pound fish’ went viral and became a global hit.

He took loan of Rs.6.6 million from a private company which he failed to return till yet. Lahore’s Banking court has released orders to arrest him due to non-returning of Rs6.6 million loan.

According to sources, a leasing company in Lahore filed a petition before the banking court claiming that Shahid Nazir had taken out Rs 6.6 million loan and failed to repay the loan amount or the instalments.

Three months ago the court ordered him to appear before the bench but he failed to appear and he did not submit any reply. The court ordered to arresr Shahid Nazir and present before the court on 29th September.

He belongs to a village Patoki and shifted to the United Kingdom for a better life but won international fame via his viral video song, ‘One Pound Fish’.