Fanta Rocks Webisode #1: Noori searches for Fanta Rock Stars

- Pakistani

Noori band has no need of introduction. It has shared a tremendous relationship with the school and college going crowd, since its beginning.

They have been missing from the music scene since 2010 but their deep link with the youth has brought them back again.

Fanta Rocks is launched by Fanta and organized by Noori. It is a talent hunt.


From the last few weeks Noori band has visited 250 schools across Pakistan, looking for singing sensations amongst students aged between 12 to 18 years.

The shortlisted singers are then being taken to Fanta Rock Station in Lahore, where they have to compose, sing and record a Fanta song with the band.

“We are not interested in singers; we are interested in people who are all-rounders like us,” says the band’s lead singer Ali Noor.

Here is the video to find out what happened when Noori went looking for their Fanta Rockstars in this first webisode of Fanta Rocks.