Burka Avenger Animated TV Series (Official Trailer in Urdu and English)

- Pakistani

As it is being posted earlier that the Burka Avenger is an amazing action-comedy animated TV Series that follows the adventures of the Burka Avenger and three young kids in the imaginary city of Halwapur as they fight the evil Baba Bandook and his henchmen.

The amazing OST of the Burka Avenger Original Soundtrack is performed by Adil Omar and Haroon. The Burka Avenger TV series comprises of 13 episodes of 22 minutes each.

In this TV series there are guest appearances and original songs from some of the biggest musical acts of Pakistan including Ali Zafar, Haroon, Ali Azmat, Josh and many others.

Burka Avenger is wonderful series for kids and adults as well. So do not forget to see it.

Here is Official Trailer of Burka Avengers in English:

Here is Official Trailer of Burka Avengers in Urdu: