Ahmed Ali Butt to host 12th Lux Style Awards in 2013

- Pakistani

Famous Pakistani actor, rapper and keyboardist, Ahmed Ali Butt will be hosting 12th Lux Style Awards this year for the second year running, Ahmed has an excellent sense of humour.

He has hosted the 11th Lux Style Awards and he is much appreciated for his amazing sense of humour.

He has a big ask to keep the audiences engaged and entertained all during the long show when Pakistan celebrated and honoured the best in Music, TV, Film and Fashion in 2011.


Ahmed Ali Butt can be seen these days as the host of the popular music show Cornetto Music Icons. Ahmed’s sense of humour is popular among all the celebrities. He had also worked in many comedy sitcoms and the classic “Rubber Band” is one of them.

The Awards office of the 12th Annual LUX Style Awards announced nominations in 22 categories in the field of television, music and fashion.

Hum TV’s super hit drama serial Humsafar also has a presence in all relevant categories of 12th Lux Style Awards. The competition in all TV categories is expected to be powerful.

The annual event of 12th Lux Style Awards is scheduled to be held next month. Hopefully viewers would much enjoy seeing, Ahmed Ali Butt’s hosting, LUX Style Awards and the best of Pakistan’s music, fashion and television.