Zakoota Jin of Ainak Wala Jin, Munna Lahori living a troubled life

- Pakistani

The talented legend of Pakistan showbiz industry, Matloob-ur-Rehman aka Munna Lahori, who is well known with the name the Zakoota Jin is suffering from paralysis attack these days.

He got great fame and recognition working in the fictional series of “Ainak Wala Jin” during 1993-1996.

It was the favourite serial of every one. Everyone must be familiar with Zakoota’s dialogue, “ZEMINAAR Mujhey Kaam Btao, Mein Kya Kru, Mein Kis Ko Khaun”. His dialogue always created ripples in Ainak Wala Jin and children always loved his character.

He was a person who used to made others to laugh, but now unfortunate our legendary star is suffering with a troubled life.

Unfortunately our legends are never paid due respect or the off screen value they deserve.

We have lost many of our talented actors due to insufficient financial support.

Matloob-ur-Rehman (Zakoota Jin) is experiencing the same conditions, who is living a troubled life with his six children and wife.

VnR5TVNuZllWLUEx_o_ainak-wala-jin-pt-1-epi-1-to-15Half of his body is unable to function normally because of paralysis attack and he has not enough money for treatment as well as he has not been granted with any aid.

As Pakistani we should take great care of our cultural assets and legends who are very precious for us. It is our duty to be responsible in this respect.