Imran Khan demands recount with fingerprints verification in 4 constituencies

- Pakistani

In Pakistan elections have gone but some parties are not satisfied with the results and they think that rigging took place at some places.

Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan presented his demands before the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Imran Khan said that PTI is demanding a recount in four constituencies and election commission should verify the votes with NADRA fingerprints verification. Ha asked that they accept them within three days.


He said that PTI has doubts over the results of elections and this step is necessary to be taken to satisfy the voters and party.

So many people are protesting in Karachi and Lahore since May 12 against the results of the general elections. The protesters allege that rigging took place at some polling stations and at some stations, polling remains closed as well.

The PTI chief, Imran Khan said that election 2013 has been proved the first election in the country with such a high turnout.

Imran Khan said that the election commission should investigate the claims otherwise the people would be disappointed with the idea that their vote has no importance.

Nawaz Sharif visited hospital to see Imran Khan. Imran Khan said that PTI has political differences with PML(N), despite the differences between him and Nawaz Sharif, both had agreed to work together to resolve major problems that are being faced by Pakistan.

He said terrorism is one of the biggest issues that needed to be resolved.

Imran Khan said that they would make Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa a modern province as fir time they have got the chance to form Government in the province.

While talking to General Kayani , Imran Khan said that they want solutions of problems of Pakistan.

Here is the video of PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s message.