Mobile phones are not allowed in polling stations on Election Day ECP

- Pakistani

Every Pakistani is waiting for the Election Day and to avail his/her right for vote. At last tomorrow on May 11th, 2013, every Pakistani will be able to cast vote according to his/her own will and without any pressure.

Election Commission of Pakistan has issued order that voters cannot bring their mobile phones to polling station on May 11th, 2013, i.e. Election Day.

That decision had been taken by ECP (Election Commission of Pakistan) for some security measures and to block the possibility of poll-rigging, violence on polling stations on Election Day, handling of votes or selling of votes.

The pictures on Ballot papers, containing signs of the candidates, are enough evidences for voters to cast their vote in favour of a specific candidate. According to Election Commission of Pakistan ban of mobile phones on Election Day will eliminate any such chances of bribing the voters.

Each presiding officer will ask the voter if he is carrying a mobile phone. If the candidate has the mobile phone, the presiding officer shall direct the voter to place the mobile on his table.

After putting the mobile on the table of presiding officer, ballot paper will be issued to the voter. The voter will mark it in a screened compartment; will insert his folded ballot papers in the ballot boxes and only then his mobile will be returned to him.

If the voters are not ready to hand over their mobile phone, they will not be given the ballot papers to cast the vote.

Election Commission of Pakistan is also considering another security measure to maintain peace on the Election Day to block cellular service on Election Day in whole of Pakistan. This action is decided to avoid any violence and terrorist activity in the country.

Being a responsible citizen, it is duty of every Pakistani to cast his/her vote according to own will and without any pressure. It is a very important for the betterment of the country.