Pepsi Smash Pakistan starting 1 May 2013

- Pakistani

Many music shows have introduced to support Pakistani Music Industry.

In 2002 this trend has been introduced with a wonderful music show called “Battle of the Bands by corporate giant Pepsi and so many Pakistani musicians have strengthened this show.

This show has introduced a number of outstanding musicians. In the show different bands like Aaroh, Entity Paradigm and Mekaal Hasan Band appeared on the musical front.

In 2008, Coco Cola came on the front with the marvellous performance of Coke Studio to support Pakistan music industry. Coke Studio continued to be the most successful musical phenomenon.

Coke Studio has provided a wonderful opportunity to Pakistani musicians when they were crossing borders for singing opportunities.

Later on, shows like Uth Records andNescafe Basement were launched to promote and support the new talent of Pakistani musicians.

This year here are two new exciting music shows. One is Cornetto Music Icons that has started already and another forthcoming one is Pepsi Smash. The wonderful news for listeners is that Pepsi Smash Pakistan is starting from 1st May 2013.

The show is produced by talented Farhad Humayun who is a brilliant drummer and music producer and it will also feature the likes of Strings, Noori, SYMT, Jarar and Aag Band etc.

It will also have a great focus on electronic music attached with rock. A promo has just been released online. The promo shows the Rock stars performing in a studio.

Here is the promo of Pepsi Smash.