Juggun Kazim gets engaged to Feisal H. Naqvi

- Pakistani

Juggun Kazim is renowned Pakistani host, model and actress. She has got engaged to Feisal H. Naqvi and the couple has planned to marry soon.

Juggun Kazim is famous for her acting and hosting skills. She is a known drama artist and morning show host.

She has been centring of attraction for her marvellous skills and innocent look. She is hosting some morning shows and can be seen working in dramas.

Now, she has announced her engagement to Feisal H. Naqvi. Feisal H. Naqvi is a recognized political writer with a stunning personality.

It would be Juggun Kazim’s second marriage as the first one could not work out and ended after one year in 2004. She has a son from her ex-husband.

So she has focused on her career and brought up her son.  Now she has decided to move ahead in her life that is really great news and got engaged to Feisal H. Naqvi.