Ali Haider’s new album Bachpan ki Badami Yadein

- Pakistani

Famous Pakistani singer Ali Haider has no need for any introduction. His latest album Bachpan ki Badami Yadein is his Come Back Album. After four years break, he made his return to the music with this album.

There are twelve tracks in this album. Each song is distinctive and narrative in nature, which can touch the heart and soul instantly.

The whole album is a collection of songs with different moods. The title track Bachpan Ki Badami Yadein is like every one’s story from childhood to high school.

Every listener can connect with the poetry right away and listening to the track goes down to the memory lane of that phase of his/her life.

The album also includes two songs, which are political satire and are really appropriate to the current state of the country. One, Aanay Walay Hain Election, which is written by Ali Haider.

It conveys a very serious message, which is the importance of voting and the right candidate. And the other one is Farangi, which is his tribute to the popular poet Habib Jalib.

It also comprises of songs such as Jo Kaha Jo Suna having a classic touch and a soft and melodious song Apni Chahaton Ke Naam.

The songs Babu Seedha Sada and Sare Munday Lag Gaye are just full of fun and masti and lighten the mood of the album in their own respective ways.

The album also covers some tracks of spirituality and sufi poetry like Maula Ali Janam,Dama Dum Mast Qalandar, Bulleya Kee Jana, Haideri Deewana and Allah Hoo, which have a deep effect on the listeners.

Here is video of Ali Haider’s song Bachpan ki Badami Yadein.

Ali Haider – Bachpan Ki Badami Yadein… by artistaloud