Chal Parha Episode 4: Discussion on corporal punishment

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Shehzad Roy’s program Chal Parha is an excellent effort to highlight the different aspects of education.

It identifies various obstacles that create hinders for education. It also provides soloution to eliminate these problems.

In Episode 4 of Chal Parha, Shehzad Roy highlights the effects of corporal punishment on students. It is a major cause of school drop outs.

Different people share their views including teachers, students, police officers, educationists etc.


Famous Pakistani journalist Javaid Chaudhary shared his experience about corporal punishment.

He explains that some of his class fellows could not continue education because of corporal punishment.

Here is 4th episode of Chal Parha. We can see the discussion on corporal punishment.

Chal Parha-Episode 4 by GeoNews

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