Ayesha Omar denies all news about her leaving acting

- Pakistani

AyeshaOmar is famous Pakistani Model, Actress and singer. She has appeared in so many serials.

She got great fame and recognition with the character of Kahoobsurat in comedy serial Bulbulay.

‘Bulbulay’ is the hottest comedy serial among the country’s television programs. Nabeel, Momo, Mehmood Sahab and Khoobsoorat became household names.

Currently, she has appeared in drama serial Tanhaee and Zindagi Gulzar Hai with her stunning performance.


Recently, rumours are making rounds that AyeshaOmar has decided to quit acting and has decided only to sing.

She denies this news on her official Facebook page with the following post.

Dear Fans,

Recently, a blogger claimed on a website that I have decided to quit acting so I can focus on my singing career. There is no authentic quote or source mentioned. I don’t know who told her that I was planning on ‘paying a farewell’ to my acting career and I’m not too concerned either. My concern is why mislead the public with false news? The said blogger did not even bother to confirm the story before posting it on the site. She didn’t talk to me or contact any other source which would have given her authentic news. She has no right to write about my so-called plans with such authority or spread false rumours.

The author has picked up one of my statements that I gave in an interview recently about growing as a singer. Whilst it’s true that I want to concentrate on my music/singing but that doesn’t, in any way, imply that I will quit acting to do so. I have no intention of saying goodbye to my acting career at all. I will continue to act as well as sing and anyone who claims that I’m planning to abandon acting is wrong. And contrary to the author’s claim, I will also continue working in ‘Bulbulay’.

I am surprised at the admin of the site as well. Many people follow this website for news and reviews about showbiz and they believe all the news to be authentic. With such reputation, how can the site publish a story which has raised questions about its credibility? I would like to request all bloggers/social media journalists to please verify and confirm all facts and statements that they post on any website as it’s illegal to publish/post fabricated stories.

A lot of my fans have been very concerned and upset about this news and they should know that this information is completely false. I appreciate that instead of believing false rumours, you thought of confirming the news from me first. In the future, I’d like you all to confirm anything you hear about me right here, on my official page.
Lots of love and regards,
Ayesha Omar