Farah Mahmood crowned as Mrs. Pakistan World 2013

- Pakistani

Farah Mahmood has honoured Pakistan to win the prestigious award of Mrs. Pakistan World 2013. She has got recognition at beauty pageant by naming herself the crown of new Mrs. Pakistan World 2013.

Her Barbie doll look became the centre of attraction. She is an educated and well-mannered woman who belongs to Lahore.

Farah has received her degree in English literature. She has a strong background in fitness training.

She was chosen as the new Mrs. Pakistan World 2013, which depends upon her look and her achievements in career. She has specialized in image consultancy.

She is mother of 4 children and its worth to be appreciated more than her pride that she still has managed herself as a symbol for many married Pakistani women. Her performance has a valuable message that life does not end after marriage.

Farah Mahmood was crowned in January 2013. She has begun her new year with a huge responsibility to bring about some positive change in Pakistani women.

Farah Mahmood‘s efforts and passion for serving her community and representing Pakistan has given her the title of Mrs. Pakistan World 2013.

Farah Mahmood is the 6th Mrs. Pakistan World to be crowned and she will be sent to the Mrs. Universe pageant 2013.