PTCL launches Smart TV Application for EVO users

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Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has been providing so many services like telephone (wireless/landline), internet (DSL broadband/wireless broadband), and IP services etc. PTCL now, has announced a remarkable new service.

With this service EVO customers can sign up for Smart TV and can watch Live TV channels on their computer desktops, laptops and mobile phones through Internet.

It is a wonderful offer especially for computer users.  Now people can watch Live TV channels without TVs, only they have to get PTCL Smart TV Application to see Live cricket match and favourite TV programs.


PTCL Smart TV Application has various features. Re-Run function is among the salient features. Using Re-Run option users can re-run any previous program from last seven days.

This facility is available for all channels. Users have to select channel and time to avail this facility.  On the other hand users can record Live TV programs and the “Re-Run” programs.

How to avail this facility?

PTCL Smart TV Application is available for only EVO customers.  To avail this facility EVO customers have to sign-up by dialling 1236 as well as they have to share their active EVO number. The username and password will be sent out to customers through email by PTCL.

After subscription users have to download the application. After successful installation, all users have to enter their user name and password which is provided by PTCL and start watching Live TV program.

It is also being heard that PTCL Smart TV Application will also offer to broadband customers in future but currently only EVO customers are eligible for the service.


The users of PTCL Smart TV Application have to submit subscription charges Rs 50 on monthly basis. With submission of Rs 50 users of PTCL Smart TV Application would be able to watch 12 TV channels on their computer, laptop or mobile screen.

We hope that same service will be offered to broadband customers with same monthly charges.

People can share their experiences with us using PTCL Smart TV Application.

TV Channels with Smart TV Application

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  • Tanya

    PTCL not only cares for its customers but for employees as well. PTCL continues its efforts to bridge the communication gap between the people as effectively as possible and as a part of those efforts PTCL initiated its employee development program as per which PTCL provided Motorcycles to CSRs and Field technicians. Now PTCL will be able to resolve the customer issues and problem instantly and that will help users to avail PTCL’s amazing service with more ease.

  • Saleem Khalid

    Service guaranteed. I love PTCL and its all the efforts in satisfying customers.

  • Hadia

    Smart TV applications highlights the real creativity by PTCL.This application will encourage users to experience Evo broadband.This is simply amazing!

  • Cid Cid Cid

    this is stupid all frod gys dont do this its shaitany fitna!


    can we change these channels in this package