Chal Para on Geo TV Episode 1 (8 Feb 2013)

- Pakistani

Famous Pakistani singer turned to child activist Shehzad Roy is campaigning for quality education for Pakistani citizens.

He has been working for the betterment of education through “Zindagi Trust”.

Recently, he has decided to travel across the country on his bike to observe the educational obstacles and search out the patterns of solution.

He started his journey from GIlgit Baltistan and travelled through KP and Punjab.


He has also observed different factors that are causing the failure of education system. Click here to see the details.

Shehzad Roy has started to elaborate the importance of education through a TV program on Geo TV with the name “Chal Parha.”

Today Shehzad’s Roy “Chal Para” has on aired on Geo TV.

Here is the 1st episode of “Chal Para.”

Chal Parha-Episode 01-08 Feb 2013 by GeoNews