Attacks on polio workers in Pakistan would not deter us: Bill Gates

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Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft, the world’s largest personal computer software company.  Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates have founded Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

The aim of this foundation n is to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty at global level.

While addressing Richard Dimbleby Lecture 2013 Bill Gates focuses on some diseases like polio and measles. Foundation is working to stop dangerous viruses in the world like polio, measles etc.

In the lecture Bill Gates described “we are working to wipe the virus off the face of the earth, and we have almost succeeded: There are only three countries in the world where the virus is still being transmitted. Fewer than 250 children were paralyzed last year. Within eight years of the resolution, most countries had built strong polio programs, and cases were down almost 90 percent globally.”

A major focus of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is removing polio virus in Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan. He mentioned these three countries in his lecture.

In his lecture he showed attention to wipe off the virus of polio, measles and other dangerous diseases.

He said “when polio is gone, we can use the same systems, technology, and people to deliver other lifesaving solutions, especially routine vaccinations for diseases like rotavirus and measles.”

In Pakistan some parents refuse to let their children be vaccinated because there are rumours that polio vaccine reduces fertility in the children.

p014dtg3These people need guidance and awareness about this dangerous disease. These rumours have been persisted in Nigeria.

Bill Gates said “Take the example of Nigeria, where the public had been reluctant to vaccinate children after the rumours about the vaccine. I went there for the first time four years ago to meet two groups of leaders: the religious leaders in the North, who are in the best position to encourage anxious parents to vaccinate their children  and the state governors, who have the power to hold the health system accountable for results.”

In some parts of Pakistan polio workers are being warned to stop this work. Polio workers receive threats of death if they continue this scheme. Some militants attacked on polio workers.

Bill Gated said “last month, nine vaccinators in Pakistan were murdered by masked militants at the beginning of a three-day polio campaign. The youngest, a 17-year-old volunteer, received several death threats in the week leading up to the campaign and was forced to move between houses for her safety. She was standing a few feet away from her sister when she was shot and killed.”

Dealing with this situation he explains that the foundation will continue its efforts to eliminate the polio virus.

29-pakmed-net-january-29-2013-medical-education-jdff6dfBill Gates has said the recent attacks on polio fieldworkers in Pakistan would not stop his foundation from succeeding in eradicating the crippling virus.
via the express tribune

Recently, the Punjab Health Department took a very effective step to ensure the vaccination.

Punjab Health Department made compulsory the vaccination of measles, polio, hepatitis and TB, for children in Lahore city.

The Department has decided that those Parents who do not have proof of having their children vaccinated for polio, measles, hepatitis and TB will not be issued birth certificates and these children will not be allowed to get admission in schools for their studies.

This step should be taken everywhere in the country. This will help to eliminate the viruses of different diseases.

Special attention should be paid to guide the people to vaccinate their children against dangerous diseases.

Source: The Richard Dimbleby Lecture 2013 and The Express Tribune

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