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Famous Pakistani singer turned to a social activist Shehzad Roy is running Zindagi Trust and campaigning for quality of Education for common Pakistanis. He is on bike tour across Pakistan.

He now wants to explore the Education obstacles and solutions through a TV show with the aim to identify the problems of Government schools and provide solution to change the existing education system.

This TV show will on air on Geo TV from 8th February, titled as Chal Para. Shehzad Roy has also released his music video with the name Chal Para for his TV show.

He wants to assess the problems of Government schools and push the governing bodies to improve the existing educational policies.

“This show will help even a play-man to understand what education is, what is schooling and how a child can be benefited through Education?” Shehzad Roy says
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Shehzad Roy started his journey to travel across the country, on his bike in three months. Her other crew members are following him in a coaster.

He started his journey from GIlgit Baltistan and travelled through KP and Punjab. He has visited Hunza and some areas of Punjab and analysed that Government schools lack in basic infrastructure of education.

As well as he observed that low cast private schools are worse than Government schools. He observed that the life of students can be changed by providing them quality education.

He suggests that Head of the school should be empowered to bring positive changes in schools and Federal and Provincial Government should pay special attention on Education scenario as it is not much difficult task to bring constructive change in Education system.

76109_10152500580280711_1220837342_nHe explains that according to existing education system, students are not being guided to join their respective field of interest. As well as he realized that the existing education system encourages rote memorization and students become disturbed when they have to face any out of course question.

A common drawback is being observed in Pakistani text books that these text books contain hatred material that is needed to be removed.

There is desperately need that text books should have problem based questions and students should be prepared to solve them using their talent and abilities.

Students should know the rational and meaning behind the concept instead of relying on rote memorization. Only through practical applicability of knowledge students would be able to put their hidden potentials out and excel throughout the world.

Viewers can see Shehzad Roy’s TV show Chal Para every Friday and  Saturday at 7:30 pm on GEO news.

Here is Shehzad Roy’s latest music video Chal Para.

  • iba kashif



    Hi.i am a student of a first year class.i want to draw your attention on one more important point first year computer science group,there is no computer’s and statistics “sindh text” books.means there is no book which is publish by sindh text book board….which is creating problems for students………thnx

  • Tera Baap

    Be-gairat ban kar GEO Shahzad….. Tere baap ne tujhey yehi samjha ya hai key Islami Hero’s ki tuheen kar …..Tere apny konse Marisi hain….

    Tere parents ne eik Insaan ko nahi eik Shetaan yani Bull dog ko paida kia hai….Son of beach yani(America ka Kuta)

  • sanaya

    salam i am a student of PECHS college..want to let u know about the mishappenings whch are going in it..want shehzad roy’s email adress…

  • Malik Ameenah


    I am a teacher in a private school. Although you are doing a great job but you are only seeing the one side of the coin you are over looking the problems burden and the insulting behavior of the school heads upon the teachers. go to the cause of the reason why teachers are being harsh you have highlighted the effect of that cause only. I agree that students are suffering but i must say private sector teachers are also suffering and paying a big deal for their services. Kindly consider my point of view