Main aur Mere Dost, Pakistan’s first 3D animated series on Geo TV

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Geo TV is renowned channel of Pakistan media. GEO TV has now launched Pakistan‘s first 3D animated series titled as “Main aur Mere Dost”.

This series is based on a general societal issue that is desperately needed to be taken under consideration. Geo TV focused on this issue through a cartoon series.

The series, “Main aur Mere Dost” aims to give social awareness towards gender related issues through an exciting story. The story revolving around 4 characters with the names Alia, Hadia, Faiq & Sheraz & their teacher Miss Naila. Alia is a shy and soft spoken talented girl and HADIA is the confident and energetic girl.

This animated series has been created in Pakistan by Pakistan’s first media technology park Creative Village, with a production facility using 3D technology.

The series is commissioned through the Gender Equity Program of the Aurat Foundation and the financial assistance is provided from the American people through USAID.

The purpose of this series is to educate children about gender equity and to advocate against gender-based violence.

This cartoon series is especially designed for children in the age racket of 9 to 12 years. The series  is consisted of seven episodes which is directed by Yahya Ehsan.

20121204_16This will provide a very impressive and valuable message to Pakistani society against gender based violence.

US Deputy Chief of Mission Ambassador Richard Hoagland was the chief guest of the launching ceremony of the series “Main aur Mere Dost.”

On the occasion, US Deputy Chief of Mission Ambassador Richard Hoagland said that the United States believes that investing in women and girls is one of best ways to achieve economic progress, political stability, and greater prosperity for Pakistani women and men.

“That’s why the United States government funds programmes like ‘Main aur mere dost’, an animated public education campaign designed to help Pakistani women and girls lift up their families, communities, and nation.”

The technical editor of this series Mr. Adnan Shakeel and script editor Fahmida Riaz also addressed to the event.

The series “Main aur Mere Dost” has on aired on 27th of January. Viewers can see it every Sunday on 5:30 pm on Geo Entertainment.

Let see how is the viewer’s response about this new idea of awareness.