Sajjad Ali mega hit song Har Zulm

- Pakistani

Sajjad Ali is a famous personality of Pakistani music industry. Pakistani classical and pop singer has proved himself once again with his amazing song.

His song ‘Har Zulm’ became so popular and centre of attention for so many listeners.

Sajjad Ali’s song “Har Zulm” was uploaded on the Official Facebook page of Sajjad Ali and within few hours of its release, it has gathered more than 4,000 likes, 2,000 comments and more than 7,000 shares.

The song’s video, music, lyrics and style have a common feature of simplicity that’s why it became special for people of every age.

The lyrics are by the Poet Aftab Muztar. The lyrics are meaningful, having deep meaning. The music is also very peaceful, with the charming voice of Sajjad Ali; the song has really magical effect.

The song contains a graceful video featuring three people Sajjad Ali, his son and a foreign guitarist.

Sajjad Ali’s son appeared in the video as the keyboard player.  In the video Sajjad Ali’s smile can be seen many times.

Recently, Sajjad Ali was appeared on the famous talent show Sur Kshetra.He is a talent and precious asset of Pakistan.

A few years ago he moved to Dubai. Hope fully he would stay in Pakistan and perform his talented jobs for the country.

Here is his latest amazing song “Har Zulm.”

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