PTI launches internet TV channel Insaf TV

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A renowned political party of Pakistan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) took a turn to the Internet and announced the formal launch of its Internet television channel called Insaf TV.

PTI has launched this channel to fight against the problem of suspension of TV broadcasting on prime time airwaves as it was facing problem to gain media’s attention during their prime time shows.

PTI’s national campaign head Asad Umar explains that a lot of candidates of party are less known and Insaf TV is such a device to provide airtime to the less known party members. Party cannot afford to buy expensive airtime on television.


With the establishment of this channel, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf aims to bring cost-effective and timely broadcast of party announcements, events, updates and more to the party workers.

PTI realised that last year a lot of people could not be registered when registration took place. Now the party organized its resources and created a video ad campaign, to urge the youth to register themselves.

Currently, Insaf TV channel focuses on video messages of PTI’s candidates, recordings of the party’s public meetings, rallies and documentaries which are created as a part of their election campaign.

The channel will be in Urdu language focusing on regional languages. Former television personality Misbah Khalid has been brought in as part of the editorial board. She will perform her duty to create content on Insaf TV.

In Pakistan, there are only a few internet TV channels such as Saach TV is an excellent example that clearly shows the potential for the publishers and viewers.

With web based channel, Insaaf TV, the overseas Pakistanis would be able to remain in contact with the updates and activities of PTI. This is another inspiration behind the launch of this channel. As well as Pakistani viewers can see those programs held abroad.

Here is a video with the message of Imran Kahn.

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