Shortage of Screenwriters in Lollywood, says Pervaiz Kaleem

- Pakistani

Pervaiz Kaleem is a renowned personality in Pakistani film industry as a director and screenwriter. He has been a sign of change in Pakistani cinema. He has tried to produce some unconventional genre of films by writing some unequivocal and modern stories.

Now he realises that there is a shortage of trained film-makers and this deficiency has an adverse effect on the film industry.

He explains that now the screen plays should be written in a modern way. “Today, we have to write screenplays in a new way — writers can relate but there is a change in tempo,” says Kaleem, who has written the script of 2011 film Bhai Log, a highly-hyped Lollywood flick regarding the gang culture in Karachi. “It’s not like it used to be. We, now, have the freedom to add more things into a script.” He has also penned the dialogues for upcoming film Ishq Khuda.
via The Express Tribune

Pervaiz Kaleem believes that the deficiency of trained writers in Lollywood is due to the lacking in technical issues. There are many people who can narrate stories, but screenwriting itself is a different thing. It is a technical job. To be able to write a solid screenplay, it is needed to be trained by a professional.

The director Pervaiz Kaleem explains his own route that he made a sentient effort in 2002 to take a back seat from directing and invest his time in scriptwriting. He considers that directing and writing are both equally respectable tasks.

He explains that a writer should be open about all kinds of themes and the audience should interpret these stories with an open mind. He always tried to promote nationalism through his profession.

Pervaiz Kaleem has close relation with famous Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid. Both of them have spent so many years in film industry and worked together. Currently, Pervaiz Kaleem is writing two films and Shaan Shahid will direct one of them that is Mission Allahuakbar.

The film is under production in Thailand. The second film on which Pervai  Kaleem is working currently, is a Pashto romantic drama by Liaquat Khan. Not much information has revealed yet.

He has written several other films which are produced by Shaan. He thinks that with the improvement and advancement of technology, film industry can excel and expand to a great level. He hopes that young talented Pakistanis would improve the film industry and make it so progressive.