Coca Cola Pakistan launched new campaign Crazy for Good

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Coca Cola is a renowned company which is spreading happiness among the people. Continuing its excellent efforts, Coca Cola has revealed a new campaign with the name ‘Crazy for Good’. Its new campaign is a part of Cultural Leadership program of Coca Cola.

The aim of this campaign is to seed kindness into the mindset of the people of Pakistan by promoting casual acts of kindness in order to spread goodness and prosperity in society.

Through the campaign ‘Crazy for Good’, Coca Cola is trying to bring a constructive change in Pakistani society by celebrating the people who participate in acts of kindness and inspire others with their positive attitude.

In 2012 Coca Cola’s Cultural Leadership program has launched a campaign titled, Reasons to Believe’ promoting the believe in Pakistan and hope for its better future.

Coca Cola’s campaign Crazy for Good takes the Cultural Leadership program a step further to promote kindness and goodness at an individual platform, gathering the people to perform their role by committing Random Acts of Kindness to make the world a happier place for all people.

While speaking about the Crazy for Good campaign, Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation, Pakistan stated “Kindness is the social thread that binds society together; but unfortunately, people underestimate the power of kindness.

As a Company that is synonymous with attributes of happiness, optimism and joy, we decided to take the message of random acts of kindness and their potential of opening happiness for the people of Pakistan forward in an interactive and engaging way.”
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This campaign is call to aware the people to go crazy for good deeds and it tries to identify the people who have committed random acts of kindness around Pakistan.

Coca Cola has appeared as a universal image of happiness as from many years it has played a vital role across the world to inspire people through Coca Cola’s leadership to make this world a happier place.