Strings band performed in Lums Lahore

- Pakistani

Strings band is an internationally admired Pakistani pop rock band comprising two members from Karachi, Pakistan.

Recently, Pakistani renowned Strings band has performed at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). The event was sponsored by ZONG.

A large number of students, faculty and staff gathered in the institution (Lums) to enjoy the annual event. The concert was arranged for the students of LUMS especially for the representatives who had come from different cities of Pakistan for the event.

The thrilling performance of band made the event full of fun and enjoyment. Students find these events a fantastic activity to make them fresh and up to date.

The band was initially formed by four college students, Bilal Maqsood (vocals and guitars), Faisal Kapadia (vocals), Rafiq Wazir Ali (synthesizer) and Kareem Bashir Bhoy (bass guitars) in 1988.

Later two of them Rafiq Wazir Ali and Kareem Bashir Bhoy left the band and now the band is comprised of two members Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia.

In 1990, the strings band released its self-titled debut album Strings . The band is highly appraised acreoss the world having strong poetic sense and fabulous music in their songs.

Anwar Maqsood, (Bilal’s father), has been writing the lyrics of songs for the band. Anwar Maqsood’s writing has deep meanings. Anwar Maqsood’s son Bilal Maqsood acts as the composer, guitarist and sometimes does vocals for a few songs.

The band arranges live concerts at international level. They have hired some other persons to work on guitar, keyboard and drum.