Jawad Ahmed pays tribute to fire victims with his song Mein Bhi Insaan Hoon

- Pakistani

Famous Pakistani singer Jawad Ahmed is all set to release his song Mein Bhi Insaan Hoon.Through this song he pays tribute to the victims of a fire that overwhelmed Ali Enterprises in Baldia Town Karachi.

On September 11, 2012, 200 people lost their lives in this burning incident. Earlier, Jawad Ahmad got so much appreciation from listeners with his song ‘Allah Meray Dil Ke Andar’. Through this song he gave the message of inner peace to the people.

With his new track, ‘Mein Bhi Insaan Hoon,’ he is taking an initiative to aware the Pakistani people about labour laws. He is trying to aware Pakistani labour class about their rights.

Labourers are the most important part of Pakistani society but there are no rights for them. This is unfairness towards the major part of the society. Jawad Ahmad explains that change can never come until people realize it.

Jawad Ahmed’s concert was organized with the collaboration of Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER). The stage was very simple and the pictures of the fire victims were pasted at the background.

The video of the song ‘Mein Bhi Insaan Hoon’ was recorded during the concert. It would be released in February. Jawad Ahmed says that lyrics of the song describe the pain and helplessness of the workers.

The song depicts the real feelings and emotions of the people who have lost their loved ones.

Jawad Ahmed describes that his next 10-track album will be released on March 23 in Pakistan and India.

Jawad Ahmed condemns the latest trend of on line music because it has limited the availability of music to everyone. Only urban group of people can access to this music. The common man is apart from online music.

Image courtesy of tribune.com.pk