Ghag the Band launches its new track Khaist

- Pakistani

Ghag the Band is popular among Peshawar’s bands for his remarkable skills of blending both eastern and western music sounds.

The band defines its skills with its fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds along with merging the classical Pashto poetry. Now the band has launched its third track titled Khaist.

The band made its debut in 2011 with Mehfil, following a second track titled as Lewantob. Defining the theme behind the song Khaist, lead guitarist Khalid Afridi, and support vocalist, explains that Khaist means beauty and it talks about the existence of beauty and at least its disappearance.

The lyrics of Khaist are from a poem by legendary Pashto poet Ghani Khan and the band’s version is a tribute to Ghani Khan’s passion and purpose for the land and people.

The band also features Zohaib Yousafzai, who belongs to Swabi as the lead vocalist. He explains that the musicians are inspired from Ghani Khan Baba’s greatest architects of Pashto language and literature.

The musicians consider that it might not be attractive for the youth but they consider it their fabulous job to blend the traditional poetry with the modern twist.

Khalid Afridi revealed the future plans of the band saying, that the next song will turn towards electronic rock type.

They want to introduce something that is different from the routine. They want to grow their music among audience even not relying on specific types.

Khalid Afridi explains that with fulfilling the demands of youth, they want to maintain the connection between the older and present generation.