Pakistani singers concerts get cancelled due to India Pakistan tension

- Pakistani

The recent escalated line of control tension between Pakistan and India has affected cultural and sporting exchanges . This rapid increase of tension is causing tensions for Bollywood actors as well.

The tensions have also impacted sports as well. India has not allowed Pakistani players to play in the on-going Hockey India League and players are being asked to return home.

In the result of these tensions many scheduled performances of Pakistani artists in India, are being cancelled.

Famous Pakistani singers Ali Zafar and Javed Bashir mainly affected with this situation. Ali Zafar’s concert was scheduled in Pune which was cancelled due to the tensions between Pakistan and India.

The classical singer Javed Bashir’s concert is also cancelled which was going to be held in Delhi.

According to lyricist, screenwriter and poet Prasoon Joshi, art should not be imprisoned to politics.

He explains that artists play an important part in improving relations between two countries. He also believes that music should not be dragged into politics.

Another renowned musician and poet, Javed Akhtar says that there should be exchange of culture, sports, and students and so on but this is not here.