Hanzala shahid pays tribute to Princess Flavia

- Pakistani

Princess Flavia was 26 year old Air Hostess of Boja Airline. She was one of the flight attendants at the Bhoja Air plane that crashed in Rawalpindi.

She lost her life with 127 other people in the Bhoja Air crash on the border of the Islamabad. She was laid to rest in the Christians’ Cemetery (Gora Qabristan) on Sharea Faisal.

She joined boja air line as air hostess, two months earlier of her death.  She was very fond of flying and she joined flying profession after her graduation.

Earlier, Flavia joined Shaheen Air and she worked there for two and a half years.

Her father and brother resisted her not to join, because of risky profession but she joined as she wanted to become air hostess.

She wanted to travel to UK where her father lived but she could not get a chance.

Hanzala shahid is 8 years old talented child star who belongs from Karachi. She has paid tribute to Princess Flavia through a very beautiful poem. This is Safiya Sultana’s poem which is performed by a talented child.

His poem expresses Princess Flavia’s life style and her passions and wishes.

The video of the poem is below.

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