Adnan Sami launches new album Press Play

- Pakistani

Famous Pakistani singer and music composer Adnan Sami has launched his new album ‘Press Play’.

A crowd of celebrities is being seen attending the launching ceremony of Adnan Sami’s Press Play.

Sonu Nigam, Mahesh Bhatt, Arun Tyagi, Mudasir Ali, Talat Aziz, Salim-Suleman, Daboo Malik with son Armaan, Room Kumar Rathod and daughter Reewa, Mohammad Morani, Hariharan,  Neeraj Roy, Gurdeep Daler Mehendi, Navraj Hansraj Hans, Shamir Tandon and many other celebrities were present at the launching ceremony of  ‘Press Play’. These celebrities made the occasion more memorable.


Adnan Sami is very popular in music industry for his songs. Adnan Sami’s last private album “Ek Ladki Deewani Si” was released in 2009.

His other private albums such as “Teri Kasam” and “Kisi Din” got viewers’ attention and became very popular among audience. Now after a five-year break, he has launched his new album ‘Press Play.’

Adnan Sami dedicated a song to his wife Roya. He started his music career in 1991-92 with his first solo album Raag Time. Adnan Sami won so many awards for his best performance.